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Khamis, 19 Julai 2012

Rajesh Khanna died of liver infection

Yesteryear superstar Rajesh Khanna died in Mumbai on Wednesday due to liver infection, Vijay Zaveri, a close friend of the actor said.

"He had liver infection….he had liver problem. He had stopped eating food…as he couldn’t eat anything. During the last stage of his life, he was on liquid like juice," Zaveri said.

Khanna's body will be taken from his bungalow on Thursday at 10 am and will be cremated at 11.30 am at Pawan Hans crematorium in suburban Vile Parle, the actor's family sources said.
According to the sources, Khanna’s 'rakhi sister' had come late this evening and hence the funeral was kept for Thursday. The 69-year-old actor was in and out of the hospital since April this year primarily due to weakness, said the sources.

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