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Selasa, 10 Julai 2012


Tawau Sabah, Truck driver Bahar Rauf believes there is money in discarded cardboard boxes. But seeing RM133,300 (S$53,168) in cash was beyond his imagination!

The money was stacked in three packages between some boxes that he collected on Friday, as part of his routine chores to gather discarded items for recycling to earn some extra income for the family.
However, honesty got the better of the 55-year-old furniture shop truck driver, who decided to hand over the bounty to the police. They have since located the rightful owner.

Bahar said he started folding the boxes upon reaching home."I realised one of the boxes was heavier than the rest. When I opened it up, I was stunned to see three large packages containing the money," he said, adding that he called his family to tell them of his find."I felt it was not right for us to keep it and decided that it should be returned to the rightful owner," he said, adding that he took the money to the Tawau police headquarters.

Tawau police chief Asst Comm Ibrahim Chin confirmed Bahar had handed the money to the police.
"We have traced the owner and handed back the money to the person after the verification process," he said, declining to give details about the owner or how the money was discarded.
He, however, advised the public to be careful when handling large sums of cash.

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