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Rabu, 2 Januari 2013

Girl Murdered and Dumped At Roadside By 5 Pakistan Man

NORIKOH Medical Student who raped and thrown out and now she died ....The Indian people are very angry, but the Malaysian People remain silent.....

The same case occurs in Kota Marudu Sabah.  A 16-years-old woman was raped and murdered by five  Pakistan men but it seems that many people remain silent. It believed that she had been raped by five workers at the shop furniture. The Victim found on Saturday 26.11.2012. The police report been done on the same day. The suspects then captured that day. An autopsy by doctors confirmed, that she was raped many times by more than a man.  

I felt very sad, bitter and upset with this incident. I urge the government of Sabah and Malaysia generally to bar the foreigners especially from Pakistan to come in in Malaysia.

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