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Khamis, 29 Oktober 2009

The Malays the drug addicts.

News reported that 83% of new drug addicts traced in the country were Malays. According toThe National Anti-Drug Agency assistant medical director Dr Sangeeh Kaur said a survey done between January and July showed that many of these addicts had just sat for the PMR and SPM.“A total of 2,680 new addicts were traced throughout the country, with 10% being Chinese and 7% Indians,” she said.

She said 1,024 of them had PMR qualifications, while 913 had SPM qualifications.As for the rest, 46 had sat for the STPM while 29 were diploma holders and four had degrees.
The survey also showed that those with higher academic qualifications were less likely to get involved in drug abuse, Dr Sangeeh Kaur said.“Many of them started taking drugs because of the bad influence from friends and out of curiosity. The most popular drugs are heroin, morphine, syabu and marijuana,” she added

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